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Argo Technologie SA is a one-stop service provider and works with highly qualified international partners specializing in serving the needs of petabyte-scalable storage environments.
As a developer of technology and products, Argo Technologie SA is able to provide a level of service that exceeds the level of standard suppliers focused on the mass market.



Argo Technologie SA works directly with chassis and storage manufacturers, including Supermicro, SanDisk, and HGST, to provide pre-certified and tested NAS devices and Ethernet storage shelves that may include advanced Service plans for 1, 3 and 5 years, including a guarantee.

Our professional service offers are provided at the choice of the client directly or through trusted partners and include consultations on the architecture of storage, migration and ktirovaniyu data centers.

Our partners

Argo Technologie SA

 Super Micro Computer 

Super Micro Computer designs, develops, manufactures and markets energy-efficient, application-optimized server solutions based on the x86 architecture. The company's wide range of products includes the industry’s largest server array, high-performance workstations and storage systems, as well as energy-efficient server components called Server Building Blocks Solutions®, which include server boards, chassis, and power components; powerful Supermicro technology for expanding the universal input/output card (UIO) and other system accessories.

Argo Technologie SA

Bacula Systems 

Bacula Systems is a leading company in the open-core enterprise software sector for network backup and recovery, combining Bakula's open standards for enterprise-class software and first-class support and professional services. Bakula Systems is a company known in the industry for its commitment to safe, reliable backup solutions. The company represents the destructive power of an open core industry, along with the professional development methodologies, support and reporting expected from software vendors.

Argo Technologie SA

Intel Storage Builder

Argo Technologie SA is part of the Intel Storage Builder partner network.
All of our storage systems are powered by Intel, allowing us to design storage with a flexible petabyte-scalable architecture that meets the demands of demanding workloads in next-generation data centers.

Argo Technologie SA


HGST (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies), based on the legacy of the invention that first introduced the hard drive, HGST is a new type of storage company in the new world, where ever-growing volumes of content are generated by cloud services, Internet content providers, social networks , mobile devices, big data, and corporate business deals. HGST is a wholly owned and independently operating subsidiary of Western Digital Corporation and markets and markets its leading storage products worldwide.

Argo Technologie SA

Index Engines

The patented software platform “Index Engines” provides rights for information created by users, as well as provides the exchange of files and emails on all types of media, including old saved backups of the system. Use of powerful indexing, classification and management capabilities; organizations have the right to control the costs and resources of the data center, and also help control and protect sensitive data in accordance with corporate risk management policies.

Argo Technologie SA


Bridgeworks has over 35 years of experience optimizing data performance. Bridgeworks technology, which defines data acceleration technology, redefines networks that allow organizations to get data transfer speeds up to 200 times faster, whether large volumes, encrypted or multimedia files. Using Automated Technology, AI Bridgeworks technology significantly reduces the effects of delay and packet loss, which means that data can reach the destination faster and maximize business performance with sharp ROI.


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