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    A disk shelf that connects to storage through an AESF network storage factory. Available in 36, 72 or 90 slot configurations for SSD or NL-SAS drives and dual connectivity to 10 Gb/s Ethernet.

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    The building block of simple, scalable, flexible storage system ArgoTech


    The developed design allows you to scale the system using a single image of ArgoOS

    All disk shelves use our integrated Layer 2 DFS protocol for full compatibility with the Perseus controller for easy deployment


    Outstanding Performance 

    With flexible use of SAS / SSD drives and a custom read / write cache, optimizes usage patterns, scaling and data transfer requirements


    High availability built 

    Due to the architecture of the redundant array of independent nodes (RAIN) and removes a single point of failure with automatic controller failure processing and self-healing technology


    Improved storage utilization

    By thinly provisioning, deduplicating, and compressing data to deliver unrivaled storage performance


    Long Term Data Integrity

    With integrity control during storage and transmission, including unlimited snapshots and clones


    No vendor dependency

    Using architecture based on off-the-shelf x86 hardware that allows products to hit the market faster, taking advantage of larger drives and more powerful processors.



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