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    Argo Technologie SA is the industry leader in multi-petabyte storage solutions. Our innovative AESF Network Storage Factory provides a platform for seamlessly scaling storage nodes with network and processing power to provide the simplicity, reliability and efficiency required for any size environment.


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    Security and CCTV

    Full readiness for complex schemes of continuous recording of modern security systems and increasing automation of video life cycle management processes

    Archive and backup

    Cost-effective backup and reliable disaster recovery scripting, along with full support for block and file access

    Large enterprises

    Ready for production workloads on any operating system and application with flexible scalability as required

    Biological sciences

    Ready for the most complex big data projects with a set of management tools for fast and scalable service

    Cloud services

    Ready for use in public, private and mixed clouds using off-the-shelf hardware to provide cost-effective service

    Media and entertainment

    Ready for any use, from non-linear editing to flexible playback to independent scaling of efficiency and power




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